Drupal as Base System For Your iPhone Android iPad Apps

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Well no need to explain why mobile apps are important! At present you can't really ignore the iOS and Android platforms. Both these technologies have great potential to use our existing web based tools such as Drupal. You can totally use Drupal to manage your iPhone/Android native apps data in cloud.

A sequel to DrupalCon Chicago's and DrupalCon CPH's "Developing Apps for iPhone/iPad/Android using Drupal as Base System" session (more advanced!! more fun!!)

Intended audience

Beginner, iPhone iPad Android app developers, Coders, Curious

Questions answered by this session

Why to use Drupal (in cloud) as base system for your mobile app?

How to use Drupal as base system to manage your mobile application's data (photos, videos, content, users, geo data, taxonomies etc etc)?

How to quickly develop mobile app platforms using Drupal?

How to be an iPhone rockstar without knowing Objective C?

What it means "Titanium with RedHat Openshift and Drupal"??

Bridging the Gap Between Desktop and Mobile Publishing with Drupal

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While mobile websites are becoming a commodity, many developers still struggle with the task of connecting their Drupal sites with the mobile and tablet world. Thousands of desktop focused sites have been build in the past years, and many of them are now facing the challenge of adding a mobile strategy. The fact that Drupal is at this point primarily a desktop focused CMS, the technical solutions for adding this mobile layer are not always straightforward. The question can be asked if the Drupal CMS is holding us back or can we use Drupal to our advantage?

Intended audience

This session is targeted to Drupal architects and developers.

Questions answered by this session

What is a mobile strategy?

How to choose a mobile strategy?

How to use Drupal as a mobile CMS?

What functionality is provided by mobile tools?

Which challenges are ahead?

The Path to a Mobile Drupal: Techniques, Tools and Failure

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Recently, I received an email invite for a webinar on mobile device development. I tried to sign up via my iphone, but was told that my mobile device wasn’t supported. True story.

Intended audience

Front-end developers, designers, site builders and even decision makers will find this session essential in understanding the Drupal mobile landscape.

Questions answered by this session

What does “mobile context” mean?

What are the performance implications of mobile devices?

Which mobile technique is better?

What Drupal modules will help you build websites for mobile?

How does Drupal’s low cost of failure help all of us?

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