Data Migration into Drupal

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So, your client has seen the light and is tossing out their old CMS in favor of Drupal. Their existing content, in the form of square pegs, needs to fit into nice round Drupal objects.

Intended audience

Folks who need data moved into Drupal, or developers who are tasked with this challenge.

Questions answered by this session

How can I move my site to Drupal

How can I robustly migrate data into Drupal

How do I build an application on top of Drush

Drush Deploy

From small sites to large, drush is an essential tool in a drupal deployment strategy. Many of us are already using commands like rsync, sql-sync, features-revert, and updatedb as steps in our deployment workflow.

Tools to manage deployments however are often varied (capistrano, fabric, puppet, chef, hudson, etc), and foreign (ruby/python). In this session, the maintainers of drush will introduce a new tool for managing deployments: drush deploy. This tool does some of what those tools do, all in a comfortable drush and PHP environment.

Intended audience

All developers and sysadmins.

Questions answered by this session

How can drush help automate tasks during deployment?

Why should I be using a deployment tool?

What is drush deploy?

How can drush deploy simplify drupal deployments?

Who is drush deploy best suited for compared to other deployment tools?

dog: A New Era for Drupal Sitebuilding

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Dog is a new approach building Drupal sites that deeply embraces Git in order to build portable, deployable Drupal site packages. Dog makes the process of developing, managing, and maintaining a Drupal site easier for everyone from the individual hobbyist to multi-cluster-backed Drupal sites with teams of developers.

Intended audience

Anyone who cares about workflows for putting together Drupal sites.

Questions answered by this session

How can I use dog to build my basic Drupal site?

How can my company use dog to assist/improve our internal development workflow?

How does dog integrate with external tools, such as build systems, configuration management, etc.?

What does dog mean for Drupal distributions?

How does dog connect with existing Drupal "packaging" techniques, like drush make and site tarballs?

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