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Content Staging and Deployments in Drupal 7

Content staging and deployment strategies are something that many site builders are fighting with. Publishers wants to preview and optimize content or whole sections of a site, before publishing it live. Another scenario is where publishers wants to deploy content from one site to a network of sub sites, or similar. It's a complex problem to solve.

Intended audience

Site builders and configurators. Basic Drupal knowledge will help.

Questions answered by this session

How do I preview pieces of content or whole sections of my site, before publishing it live?

How do I set up an environment that supports content staging?

How do I configure the Deploy module for Drupal 7?

How will the Configuration Management Initiative help content staging and deployments in the future?

Doing Drupal Security Right

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Drupal strives to be a very secure system by design, but it comes with responsibilities for the site architect, maintainer and even the sysadmin to take into account. This session aims at providing an overview of the main responsibilities and fallacies of the respective roles.

We will cover Drupal setup best practices, suggested modules and some coding guidelines as well.

Intended audience

Trying to cover all grounds. The focus mostly is people setting up sites, but some coding and backend content will also be included.

Questions answered by this session

What are the most common mistakes Drupal coders make?

How can I avoid dangerous permissions and settings?

Are there any modules to secure my site with?

Minnesota Usability Study : What Do Users Have to Say About Drupal 7?

Three years after our first round of formal usability testing on Drupal 6, the UX team returned to the University of Minnesota in May 2011 to uncover usability issues and patterns for Drupal 7. After making broad changes in D7, it was critical for us to validate if we are inching forward in our goal. With this aim in mind, we tested eight participants and asked them to perform some tasks. All the participants were site builders with no experience with Drupal.

Intended audience

Attend this panel presentation if you are interested in usability, understanding the user experience and the usability road map for Drupal 8.

Questions answered by this session

How was the study conducted?

What was tested?

What works well and what needs improvement in D7?

How was the overall experience for our users of using D7?

What does this mean for Drupal 8?

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