continuous integration

Continuous Integration Will Solve Everything

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Continuous integration(CI) is the process of which a system is integrated on a continuous basis, leading to multiple integrations in a development cycle. This provides a means to monitor the quality of code, test it and receive quick notifications of errors.
It provides a quick overview of the current state of a project, from both a managers stand point and a programmer's.
It can turn integration from a multi day process to a non-event done on an hourly basis.

Intended audience

Drupal developers and Drupal architects intending to build sites who wish to know on a frequent basis when their complete integration fails.

Questions answered by this session

Setting up a CI server to build a drupal site

Setting up a basic build script

Packaging a site into a single deployable file

How it can help team size issues

Building Your Drupal Products the Right Way: Customer Development and Business Model Generation in a Lean Startup

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Every day more and more companies start using Drupal and the day will come when it'll make all the difference if you are more than just-another-Drupal-shop.

Drupal is a very innovative community, and we've got a wide range of companies and individuals that are constantly pioneering new technologies. For several of these pioneers this is a conscious differentiation strategy, an attempt to increase personal or company karma. Commercially however this innovation has not always been particularly successful.

Intended audience

Business owners, consultants

Questions answered by this session

What is customer development

What is a lean startup

What is business model generation

How could we make an ethical Drupal appstore

What is wrong with alpha and beta release mentality

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