Successful Communities & the New Breed of Drupal Events

The Drupal community landscape is changing. A host of new events is springing up: Design Camps, Dev Days, Business Days, Gov Days, CxO summits, and more. The success of these events in bringing together new communities of experts and professionals to facilitate growth and exchange in their areas of common interest is key to Drupal's continuing success.

This session will discuss how Drupal communities–local-, interest-, or vertical-based–are growing and changing. We are looking for insights into what is working, what needs more work and what best-practices are emerging.

Intended audience

Community Members, Community Leaders, Media, Analysts, Business Leaders

Questions answered by this session

Why organize events?

What kind of Drupal events are happening? How do they differ?

What motivates people to join or leave the (local) Drupal community? Why are some more active than others?

What kinds of goals and objectives can communities set for ourselves? How do we measure our success against those goals?

Why do connections with other Drupal user groups, open source projects, and local communities matter? How can we better evangelize Drupal in all these areas?

Scaling the Drupal Community

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The Drupal ecosystem is changing ... a lot. We have venture financed startups, we're powering 2% of the interwebs, and our community has already seen exponential growth–in 5 years has gone from ~25,000 to ~1,000,000 members–and it can be baffling (and a little terrifying) to think of the community growing bigger still. And yet, the community of contributors is what drives Drupal, and so in order to grow Drupal, we must also grow ourselves.

Intended audience

Sounds cliché, I know, but hopefully everyone. Those outside the Drupal community wondering "How does that all work?" those within the Drupal community who are passionate about continuing the awesome, those within the community who are pissed off and looking for answers, and those "formerly" of the Drupal community who are skeptical about the whole hippie open source love thing. Hopefully even someone without any familiarity with the Drupal community who is interested in general information about how a website filled with opinionated, perfectionistic, multi-cultural people holds itself together.

Questions answered by this session

What is the history of the Drupal project and some demographics about its community?

When disagreements in the community arise, what are some good and bad ways to handle that?

How has the Drupal community sustained such massive, massive growth without splintering and forking?

What are some major "mine fields" we've encountered as a community, and how have we/are we working around those?

If I implement Drupal for a Fortune 500 company's intranet am I still changing the world?

Minnesota Usability Study : What Do Users Have to Say About Drupal 7?

Three years after our first round of formal usability testing on Drupal 6, the UX team returned to the University of Minnesota in May 2011 to uncover usability issues and patterns for Drupal 7. After making broad changes in D7, it was critical for us to validate if we are inching forward in our goal. With this aim in mind, we tested eight participants and asked them to perform some tasks. All the participants were site builders with no experience with Drupal.

Intended audience

Attend this panel presentation if you are interested in usability, understanding the user experience and the usability road map for Drupal 8.

Questions answered by this session

How was the study conducted?

What was tested?

What works well and what needs improvement in D7?

How was the overall experience for our users of using D7?

What does this mean for Drupal 8?

Contributing Without Code

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When you think about contributing to Drupal your first thought is usually of patching bugs and writing new features.

If you are not a developer, don't worry! There is a huge opportunity to increase your understanding of Drupal, shape the future of the software you work with, and help out the Drupal project along the way.

Learning Drupal can be a difficult and frustrating process. Getting involved in the community is the fastest and most fun way to climb the learning cliff and learn to love using Drupal!

Intended audience

New users wanting to get more involved in the Drupal community. Long-time Drupal users trying to find an effective way to contribute.

Questions answered by this session

What are the benefits of donating my time to Drupal?

What is this Drupal community all about?

How do I get involved?

Where are the easiest places to get started helping?

What kind of community effort is needed to keep this project growing?

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