We invented the Web. 20 years later we got Drupal.

CERN is a remarkable organisation dealing with a unique set of challenges in managing its web environment.

This session looks at CERN's perspective on adopting Drupal as an Enterprise platform. We will be discussing what CERN does, the issues raised by such an international collaborative environment, and why CERN chose Drupal to meet these challenges.

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Intended audience

Questions answered by this session

OXFAM + Drupal = Great

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Oxfam is an international confederation of 15 organizations working together in 98 countries to find lasting solutions to poverty and injustice. Since they need to communicate quickly and richly with their staff, partners, and allies across the world, they turned to Drupal as a framework to help build and power many of their public and private websites. This presentation will focus on how Oxfam is adopting Drupal as an organization to meet its unique goals and will highlight, through case examples, how Drupal is used to power Oxfam's public website ( and their global intranet (

Intended audience

This session is focused on those interested in how an NGO like Oxfam uses Drupal to power important websites and general Drupal developers and site builders looking for new techniques to create collaborative and social websites.

Questions answered by this session

How does an NGO like Oxfam use Drupal?

What techniques can I use to foster collaboration on my Drupal websites?

How can Drupal be used as a global communication platform?

How do I build rich features for my internal users?

How do I design and build a site for a globally diverse set of users?

The Prairie Initiative - Redesigning the Social Spaces of

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Since the Prairie Initiative was kicked off at the Chicago Drupalcon earlier this year, a small but active group have been working on achieving our goals of:

  1. Improving the collaboration tools on so that we can do more and better work together and make Drupal better, faster.
  2. Growing the pool of contributors by making a better and easier place to become a contributor - to make it less intimidating to people who want to get started contributing.

Intended audience

Anyone who contributes to Drupal today or who is interested in contributing in the future.

Questions answered by this session

What is the Prairie Initiative and what are you trying to achieve?

What are you working on?

What parts of are you touching?

What is Social Architecture?

How can I get involved?

Design in the Open: Collaboration Models in Open Source Design

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This session discusses the contribution designers are making in the open source world and how they are doing this - and how Drupal can learn from this and adopt a better collaboration model for designers and developers.

I will examine a number of highly successful open source design projects, extract the essential points out these projects and then look at how Drupal might be able to use similar tools and ideas to fuel designer participation in the Drupal project.

Intended audience

Designers, developers, themers

Questions answered by this session

How do designers collaborate in other Open Source projects?

What motivates designers to contribute to Open Source projects?

What can we learn from other successul design projects?

What can we do to increase designer participation in Drupal?

Contributing Without Code

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When you think about contributing to Drupal your first thought is usually of patching bugs and writing new features.

If you are not a developer, don't worry! There is a huge opportunity to increase your understanding of Drupal, shape the future of the software you work with, and help out the Drupal project along the way.

Learning Drupal can be a difficult and frustrating process. Getting involved in the community is the fastest and most fun way to climb the learning cliff and learn to love using Drupal!

Intended audience

New users wanting to get more involved in the Drupal community. Long-time Drupal users trying to find an effective way to contribute.

Questions answered by this session

What are the benefits of donating my time to Drupal?

What is this Drupal community all about?

How do I get involved?

Where are the easiest places to get started helping?

What kind of community effort is needed to keep this project growing?

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