Data Migration into Drupal

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So, your client has seen the light and is tossing out their old CMS in favor of Drupal. Their existing content, in the form of square pegs, needs to fit into nice round Drupal objects.

Intended audience

Folks who need data moved into Drupal, or developers who are tasked with this challenge.

Questions answered by this session

How can I move my site to Drupal

How can I robustly migrate data into Drupal

How do I build an application on top of Drush

Drupal On a Dime

You already know Drupal is capable of doing almost anything... for a price. But what about those looking to leverage Drupal on a tight budget and timeline? Is it possible to build a kick-butt site on a dime and deploy it at warp speed without sacrificing quality? (i.e. “Can I have my cake and eat it too?”)

The goals of this session are threefold:

1. We will debunk some of the common myths about Drupal design and development. For example, we’ll debunk the idea that custom built is always better.

Intended audience

This session is intended for people who are planning a project using Drupal and are looking for cost and time saving strategies.

Questions answered by this session

How can we make the most out of Drupal’s functionality on a small budget?

What are some strategies and best practices for selecting features?

When is it wrong (and possibly unnecessary) to pay for custom development?

What can I do to get the most value from a web designer?

Low-price, high-quality, fast. I’ve heard you can only pick two, is that true?

I'm Leaving You: The Risks of Dumping Your Old CMS for Drupal and How to Manage Them

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In the old days, moving to Drupal often meant converting static pages or templates to Drupal nodes. Today, it is rare that we get to build a site from scratch. Reality is that most major Drupal projects are now migrations from other content management systems.

Taking on such a migration is not a trivial decision for an organization. There is a great deal of complexity in the reasons for migrating, but the decision is often not understood well amongst the various stakeholders.

Intended audience

This session is geared toward project managers and managers dealing with significant risk associated with migration from a legacy CMS platform to Drupal.

Questions answered by this session

How to set realistic expectations with stakeholders?

How to document an appropriate risk analysis and mitigation strategy in regards to a migration to Drupal?

You got "attitude" from legacy CMS users? Strategies on how to best deal with them.

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