Damn Quick Drupal: How to Make Drupal Perform and Scale Like a Rockstar!

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I've often heard folks complain that Drupal doesn't scale well and has issues with performance. You'll hear people saying it isn't suited for large sites, or that it is bloated and too slow. A year ago, after a Drupal site failed abysmally under load (in less than 60 seconds) I was wondering if all of those statements and predictions were true.

Intended audience

Coders and system administrators who want to make their Drupal site perform like it is just running core. How to make busy sites run really well on even a single server.

Questions answered by this session

How do I run a busy site with fast page load times

What is the difference between things like APC, memcache, memcached, authcache, boost, etc?

What exactly will pressflow do for my site--both for authenticated and anonymous users

How can I find out what I need to cache most

What are the trade-offs and caveats

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