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Multilingual Drupal Solutions: Use Cases and Modules

Building multilingual websites is hard. It's hard because there are many different decisions that need to be made, touching everything from business logic to technical considerations.

Every multilingual website is different: different countries, different languages, different organizational structures, different redaction workflows and cultural considerations on top of that. Drupal has the tools to address all of these issues, but being faced with the seemingly endless combinations of parameters can be discouraging.

Intended audience

Site builders wanting to get a better grasp of multilingual solutions for Drupal.

Questions answered by this session

How do I create a simple multilingual blog? An international corporate website?

What is the difference between translation and localization? Which one should I use when?

What are the current possibilities and limitations of multilingual solutions for Drupal?

Hollywood Storytelling and the Drupal Development Process

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Finding the best way to approach Drupal site development can be a daunting task. Not only do projects vary widely in size, scope, and team composition, but there are also several different development process models to choose from. And with the size of Drupal projects growing larger every day, the cost of failure has never been higher.

Intended audience

This non-technical session is targeted at those looking to learn about different approaches to the process of developing Drupal sites. It's great for freelancers and developers/principals at smaller Drupal development shops, as well as those who are considering Drupal for use within their company or organization and don't know where to start the process. It's also useful for those who might be collaborating with someone else on a Drupal project. And of course, it's a must-see for anyone who enjoys storytelling and the movies!

Questions answered by this session

Why is having structure and process important to the success of a Drupal development project?

What are some best practices for delivering Drupal projects on time and budget that meet customer expectations?

How can I successfully incorporate agile processes into Drupal projects?

What are the elements of a successful Drupal platform?

How can I apply lessons from some of my favorite movies to my Drupal development project?

This Code Stinks!

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"Code smell" refers to hints and patterns within code that can be a tip off that something is wrong. Learning to recognize code smells is a critical skill in software engineering. If you can sniff out a bad code smell early, you can eliminate a bugs before they even happen. If not, you may find yourself needing to rip out large swaths of code (not to mention your hair) because you ran into a wall, muttering to yourself "I knew that was too hacky an approach..."

Intended audience

Developers that want to rewrite their code fewer times. Evaluators who want to pick the right modules the first time. Tech Leads and QA teams that want to know when to push back on code that is going to be a problem long-term.

Questions answered by this session

How can I recognize a problem before it becomes a problem?

If I spot a potential problem lurking, what do I do?

Just how pedantic should I be about good code when I have a deadline to meet?

What habits can I develop to write less stinky code?

What is a true unit test, and why does it help me?

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