Software as a Service (SaaS) with Drupal

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Room 331 Part 2

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Moderator: Prodosh Banerjee

Goal: Share best practices for using Drupal for SaaS

Audience: If you are planning SaaS projects, want to share your SaaS experiences or want to contribute to making Drupal the ideal SaaS platform, this one is for you.

Format: I will share my SaaS experiences with Drupal followed by a long Q&A and discussion.

The topics of this BoF:
- SaaS store: how it is different from a T-Shirt store?
- Recurring payments / billing: the core of a SaaS solution
- European business issues: finding Payment Services Providers (PSPs), VAT/Taxes etc.
- Provisioning: what tools are available?
- Adapting Drupal's Commerce packages for SaaS
- What needs to be done to make Drupal the ideal platform for SaaS?

Anything else you would like to have covered? Come along and join the discussion.

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