Meet ideaL - innovation and idea management over Drupal

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Room 334 Part 2

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ideaL is an idea management system (IDMS), which is in use both by commercial entities, as well as non-commercial (Government and NGOs).Lately the distribution gathered enormous traction, as it is used by both sides of the current social revolution in Israel.Come to this session if you want to see how Drupal can be used to:
  • Service innovation departments in commercial organizatinos
  • Allow a governmental organization to get immidiate feedback on resolutions and drafts
  • Allow the people to get it's voice heard, in an ordered fashion
  • Serve as a Direct Democracy tool
  • ... And more!
In the BoF we'll go over the basics of the distribution, explain how we built it and why, showcase some examples, and talk about the future of the distro. 

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