Lifting the Veil - A Chance to Receive a Motorola XOOM!

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Room 332 Part 1

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Come to this BOF to find out what on earth Examiner wants from YOU for a chance to receive a Motorola XOOM tablet. It'll be fun little incentive that benefits the community! Cyberswat and MatthewS will lead the session.


Calling all Drupalistas!

Want the chance to receive a Motorola XOOM Android Tablet (32GB, Wi-Fi) at Drupalcon London? is sponsoring an incentive: Make Flag better! If you are attending Drupalcon London, head over to on the Flag Module Issue Queue (making Flag aware of any entity).

You have until midnight GMT on Thursday, Aug. 25 to come up with a solution. But don’t wait until the last minute — only the first acceptable solution will take home the XOOM! The lucky recipient will be the individual who first submits a patch and supporting tests that pass review of the Performance Team.

The first person to qualify will receive a Motorola XOOM Android Tablet (32GB, Wi-Fi). If no submitted solution passes review, no tablet will be awarded.

That’s the skinny, but be sure to read the fine print for the official terms and conditions.

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