Intro to Lean User eXperience

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Similar to Kristof Van Tomme's talk about Customer Development & Business Model Generation, I would also like to focus on aspects the emerging Lean Startup movement. In particular, the space where business thinking / modelling meets the customer's needs: Lean UX!

There is a really important reason most startups fail. They all think "I think my product is sooo cool, so others will too!" To avoid pitfalls like this it's important to focus on product-market fit (and pivot if necessary).

This session aims to provide you with some starting points on developing your customer.

Things on the agenda:

  • Lean UX (User eXperience) in the context of Lean Startups
  • Customer Development Techniques
  • Lean TDD and hypothesis formulation
  • Quantitative and Qualititative Evaluation
  • Example Research Tools

Session slides are available at

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