Drupal Recruit Module

Schedule Info

Room 331 Part 1

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Ivan Zugec

I have been working on the Drupal Recruit module for the last few months. I would like to meet up with other people and get some ideas for future development and perhaps talk with individuals who have used the module.
Also if you created a job board using Drupal come along and share your strategy.

Rough Agenda

  • Ideas about a specific recruitment module for Drupal 7
  • The use of entities in Drupal Recruit, applications and jobs are seperate entities
  • Should the job entity just be a content type?
  • What type of documentation do users want/need
  • Applicant tracking in Drupal Recruit

Anyone is welcome, developers and non-developers.

Comments (2)

It sounds awesome

I'll be there.

I'm in

This sounds really useful - see you there!

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