The Drupal Human Resources marketplace and its "Love Affair"

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Room 333 Part 2

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How does the "drupal talent" balances itself out and impacts on your bottom line when trying to grow your small Drupal shop?

This BOF is for business owners and developers facing challenges growing its business hiring new drupal talent in the marketplace.

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Will be there.

Will be there.

Highly relevant!

Very interesting topic. I agree that this is highly relevant. We need to find out how to find more qualified Drupal developers.


And most importantly, how do you keep them around within your ecosystem before they go out and start freelancing or end up working for the top 3 Drupal shops everybody knows.

It all starts great, but unfortunately the ending is not as "happy" when you based your strategy entirely on that. The actual drupal-business-ecosystem does not seem to be balanced fairly well at the moment for the smaller shops.

Lets talk more about this on the BOF session.

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