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Room 331 Part 2

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There have been a number of great BoF's looking at Drupal in Government at previous DrupalCons. With greater use of Drupal from everyone from http://london.gov.uk to http://whitehouse.gov & https://wfp.org

This is a great opportunity to meet and learn from others and learn about others approaches to dealing with procurement, security, accessibility, etc.

Hopefully we'll be able to follow up in person some some of the threads from:

We'll definitely be able to follow up from ideas presented at Tuesday's session about the Royal Mail -> http://london2011.drupal.org/conference/sessions/why-royal-mail-and-uk-g...

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Notes from Session

Participants:Mike Gifford - @mgifford - http://openconcept.ca

Sam Richard - @snugug - http://nysenate.gov
Mark Payne - @webcurl - http://www.webcurl.co.uk
Giles Mitton - http://www.firmstep.com / http://www.achievecity.com
Jean-Baptiste Ingold @jbingold France
Luke Cathie - @luketech - http://www.firmstep.com
Jack McAngus www.­brighton-­hove.­gov.­uk
Steve Purkiss - @stevepurkiss http://stevepurkiss.com/
Andrew Larcombe - @andrewl Capgemini

Notes:- Bristol, Bath, ny senate- Need to change the culture

  • training for tech team & author

Distros vs Features/AppsNetworks of government drupal folks

  • LinkedIn Networks

In France lot of migration from Spip to Drupal  for central gouvernment 40 local concil using Drupal 4 willing and having time to share experienceLinks


It's a shame to have it at

It's a shame to have it at the same time as http://london2011.drupal.org/bofsession/drupal-apps-and-open-app-standard because people interested in Openpublic may also want to assist the two sessions.


I hadn't noticed the connection between the Open App discussion & OpenPublic. If it had been an OpenPublic meeting I wouldn't have chosen this time.

Worth looking here for more on this open app idea:

I'm not sure it makes sense to move it at this point however. I just advertised this at the RoyalMail session and it's unclear how regularly folks are checking the site for BoF updates.

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