Drupal Estimating Techniques

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Room 332 Part 2

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Let's discuss techniques used successfully to estimate tasks & projects.

Some questions we'll explore together:
- What makes Drupal estimation different from non-framework development?
- What techniques work well for Drupal development estimation?
- What techniques don't?
- How should you adapt your estimation techniques as the project progresses? (Early - Middle - End of project estimation)
- Who should be involved at what stage?
- Success stories (what worked for you) ?
- Disaster stories you learned from (what blew up in your face)?
- Any tips/tricks/resources you want to share? (early estimation cheat-sheets, estimation benchmarking resources, etc)
- Any other questions that come up the group feels is useful to discuss!

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Notes posted!

Hi everyone,
Posted notes from this BoF on our blog, I couldn't find another place to put them here, so here they are!

By the by

This is a joint venture w/ Jakob who did the fantastic session on estimation at Chicago's Drupalcon (highly recommended) :) Forgot to mention it above in my haste!

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