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Room 331 Part 2

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This is a very informal BoF session for anyone interested in all aspects of Drupal for Churches. However there are a couple of iniatives that may fuel discussion.

Open Church

There is a distribution of Drupal aimed at churches called Open Church. It is currently aimed at Drupal 6 but there is a drive to upgrade it to Drupal 7 and therefore we could spend this time discussing a little about what we'd want from a distribution such as this. This can include basic church website building but also slightly more advanced discussion of modules such as a sermon library or online prayer walls. There is some potentially interesting discussion about the semantic web and how it could connect churches.

Drupal Church Management System (ChMS)

Just before the summer there was some drive to create a distribution of Drupal aimed at church management on the Church Group. This could include contacts databases, rota management or church physical resources. There are a few people interested in taking this forward but nothing has materialised yet. However we will be involved with the Drupal CRM code Sprint on the Friday and this should also provide a catalyst for the church management stuff.

The Tribes Online

We (Me - James Abrahams, Andrew Belcher and Rob Mumford) are starting a new company from september onwards called The Tribes Online. We plan to create a distribution of drupal aimed at churches and monetise it using a Software as a Service model. We're in the extremely early stage but we will all be at the BoF and are happy to discuss any of our ideas for features/modules/world domination.

Independent Church Website Builders/ People who are just part of a church.

You may just be a member of a church wanting to hear and discuss Drupal regarding your church. Or maybe you have built your church website in drupal already and want to showcase it a little and discuss some of the issues you've run into or things you think are particularly awesome, then this BoF is for you!

Everyone else

Anyone from any background or involvment with Drupal. Feel free to come along this lunch time and say hi!

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