Advanced Nginx and Drupal : proxying, caching and all that.

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Room 331 Part 1

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This BoF is for sysadmins, developers and architects looking to know more about Nginx and Drupal and the performance benefits of using it.

We'll deal with advanced topics related to running Drupal with Nginx.

  1. Why Nginx and Drupal? What's in it for me?
  2. Nginx caching: fastcgi and proxy.
  3. Integration with Drupal cache
  4. Memcache.
  5. FastCGI configuration.
  6. Nginx + Apache is faster then a single Apache.
  7. Fast Private Files
  8. Security Issues: rate limiting, client connection number limiting.
  9. Benchmarking a Drupal site with Nginx
  10. Pressflow integration

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